Heuristics Inc. releases live CD

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Heuristics Inc. releases live CD

Post by HeuristicsInc » Wed Jul 12, 2006 8:49 am

I just released my new CD, "Live from the middle of nowhere" which collects some of the best tracks from my live streams in "ambient/electronic" mode (rather than songwriting mode). It's got an ambient remix of "Soft Orange Glow" from Songfight, though. My next album will have Songfight stuff on it.

Anyway, if people are interested I will do another charity CD giveaway. I liked doing that last time.

Check out the CDBaby page for soundclips and more info.
Heuristics Inc. performs live from Happy Head Studios, broadcasting improvised and composed electronic pieces into the wild hinterlands of the Internet.

Imagine listening to ambient and electronic music in some bar downtown. Now imagine listening to the same music on the surface of Mars. Next imagine listening to the music in the comfort of your own home, streaming live over the internet. Then imagine listening to the same music at home on CD! In the recent past you could have experienced almost all of these situations, and with the new Heuristics Inc. album "Live from the middle of nowhere" you can experience at least one of them!

HInc "Live" features live music, some composed, some improvised, from four different Heuristics Inc. concerts, including several that are not available anywhere else! Bonus addition: this is the first HInc CD to include a photo of the man behind Heuristics Inc.!
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