Thinking in Pictures

Because some of us can read.
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Thinking in Pictures

Post by roymond » Thu Sep 11, 2008 1:43 pm

Billy's Little Trip wrote:
roymond wrote:
erik wrote:Information that promotes greater understanding of how people think is the most useful information there is.
OK, not exactly what's being discussed, but related and a curious book I'm reading: Thinking in Pictures. Even if you have nothing to do with the effects of autism, it's an amazing study of how people think and process information.
That is interesting, Roy. I just read an excerpt from the book, and she talks about how she translates words into images in her head. Doesn't everyone? I always do that. Maybe I'm autistic and just didn't know it. One of my specialties in my business is trouble shooting and solving problems on complicated systems because I can visualize and design entire systems in my head and think of every possible scenario of what can go wrong. I also write my music from mental images and movie clips. Kind of a reverse approach. This should be in the book section to continue this conversation. Interesting indeed.
It's not a definition of autism. She has autism and is trying to explain her own thought processes, etc. Maybe you're similar, but she doesn't translate words into pictures as a way to work through things. She HAS to do this, just as people translate foreign words into their native language. Words are a foreign language to her. She sees this as an advantage she has over others in certain respects. We all do this to various degrees, as she explains (personally I have no problem rotating objects in three dimensions in my head, even if I only saw one side...based on assumptions of what it might be like of course), but she understands concepts only as pictures...the words don't help her.

My son is on the autism spectrum and we see tremendous similarities between him and the author and examples she states. He started drawing 3-point perspectives (head on, top down, profile) when he was 5, designing castles and submarines. I showed him how to do it once, and he picked it up immediately. He also makes associations in really curious ways, similar to an example she states: "planes fly high because I'm not scared of them". There are people who think this way, both who can't break out of them to stay focused, and those who can catch themselves.

Yeah, interesting stuff. Great book so far. | songfights | covers
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Re: Thinking in Pictures

Post by Hoblit » Thu Sep 11, 2008 2:26 pm

Not to crowd your thread with unrelated stuff as I'm hoping that ya'll find this somewhat related.

I have ALWAYS, ever since I can remember, associated personalities to letters and numbers. Even gender.

I thought everyone did. Never really thought much of it until one morning I was listening to the radio and a lady came on discussing that very thing. She did too. Strange associations with letters and numbers...and she went on about shapes and other basics like that. (I'll look it up in a minute and maybe I'll post it here)

But I remember numbers easier this way. 8 is female and for some reason reminds me of the color purple. I don't know why... perhaps it was part of a teaching material I encountered when I was just a toddler.

EDIT: ... ynesthesia
I think that's it...but I want to find more on 'personalities' because I think that while I do associate colors with numbers (and days of the week too which is mentioned in the wiki article!) I wanted to find out why the gender plays such an important role in my associations.
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Re: Thinking in Pictures

Post by Billy's Little Trip » Thu Sep 11, 2008 3:27 pm

I've heard of that Hobz. That is interesting. Although I don't do the number association thing, I do seem to be relating to the things that the woman in the book Roy is talking about. I might just have to break down and read a book. :wink:
I'm a little worried about reading it, because I might come to find out that I'm an autistic woman......which would explain a lot. :P
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