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Pick your favorite "Crazy You" submission that was sent to Purple Reign

Poll ended at Sun Dec 16, 2007 4:39 pm

Road Worthy
Sausage Boy
The Hell Yeahs
No votes
Timmy the Tapeworm
No votes
Shadow of "Psychotics"
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Chopped Liver Meat God
Total votes: 12
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Purple Reign Poll - Crazy You

Post by GlennCase » Fri Nov 30, 2007 4:39 pm

Vote for your favorite "Crazy You" Purple Reign submission.

Feel free to talk about the songs in this thread until we're smart enough to create our own message board.

Votes will be tallied until roughly 11:59 PM (PST) on December 15th, 2007. The songs with the highest vote count from each title will be featured on purpletapes.com as the "voter's picks" on (or around) December 16th, 2007.

The compositions with the four highest vote counts will be featured on the purpletapes.com myspace account unless an artist that created one of the top four doesn't want it on Myspace.


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Post by j$ » Sat Dec 01, 2007 7:05 am

Road Worthy - I like this tune. I was almost to say the lyric strains too hard to be stupid cool and falls by overplaying it, but any song that features the couplet 'Crazy you/ going inside cages at the zoo/ trying to fight with a kangeroo' can't be all bad. I like the keyboard solo, nice glissando (or do I mean portamento - I can never remember?) and spoken word sections are always a plus. The mix is fine, if not dramatically brain-punching, and the tune goes on a little too long for what it is, but yes, quite a good song overall I think. Not quite 'The Flight Of The Conchords' I imagine you want it to be, but enjoyable none-the-less.

Sausage Boy - ah as ever a charming mess! The bass is probably too loud in the mix compared to the drums and the keyboard is too low frequency-wise to make this as 'dancy funk strut your stuff' as it should be, and though i can't make out the words on first lesten it sounds good that i can't and I can imagine all the little Sausage-inis straining over the speakers to try and figure out the pearls of 'wisdom' leaking forth. The repititive variations work nicely and I like that bubbly synth sound a lot. Fine werk.

Hell Yeahs - Obviously this is why I came to listen to the fight. Oh yeah, that's different alright. great catchy chorus shows you don't need loud guitars to make me happy. I really like the heavy hammond tone that comes in around 1.10ish, i kind of want that all the way through the song, but I guess too much a good thing and all that ... yeah this is cute (which as you know from me is a pretty major compliment!). This is as ever a very good song I am just not sure if it's my favourite Hell Yeahs song ever .. it's a good song, very well performed, and it's staying in my head, so i guess it's up there ... maybe some tambourine or shaker just to make it really bubblegum? Then The Redmons could be the new Archies (or at th every least the Patridge Family)! I like to be challenged, and sure I will come round to the new direction!

Wages - well, I know within 10 seconds it's you, so I guess that's good in terms of branding. This is a nice tune but the vocal is a bit wavery. That said the tone on your voice as always sounds great - there is a great 90s rock feel to it, and it has a lot of character. I just wish the vocal was more concentrated on explaining the melody to me. Maybe invest in a cheap casio and play along a little? There just isn't enough here to hold (my admittedly ADD) attention, and I was wondering when it would end.

Timmy The Tapeworm >>> skip! >>>> (I do like your name, though!)

Shadow of Psychotics - Sorry my player doesn't do m4as, so I can't hear this one.

CLRG - Great bass groove going on (although the tone could maybe do with a bit more top-end?) This is a funky song and my foot is tapping. What's with the very mannered vocal delivery? Oh no from the second verse it gets a lot better. That hat is a bit synthetic for the organic groove going on around it? In fact I am not sure the drum hits (not the programming which is cool) all over couldn't be changed to better effect? The vaguely skanky bit at 1.50ish is really funky, and makes me want to jump around. Yeah, me likey!

I really liked The Hell Yeahs & CLRG, I liked Wages and Road Worthy, one was experimental, one I couldn't get to play, and Sausage Boy should have a chart of his own, as comparisions don't really do him justice. There's probably a metaphor for life in there somewhere :)

I decided to vote for Hell Yeahs, for the catchiness and the braveness of the variation. i feel bad not to be able to vote for CLRG but I just think the Hell Yeahs were tigheter. i imagine that it will get a lot of votes anyway, so I am not entirely distraught!
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Post by Nigel (spOOn) Clements » Mon Dec 03, 2007 12:14 pm

Road Worthy: I'm currently working on a track for the next round of purple reign which at the moment sounds remarkably like this, so therefore I'm lovin' this, just gotta make sure I don't rip you off too much :) I love the way the synthy/organ goes off key at times, that really brings the ear back to the track, nice driving rhythm, and the vocals are spot on, you could be singing anything it's the tone that works! 8/10

Sausage Boy: Ah! I like the blippy stuff you do, rather than the grungy stuff, I'd drop the effects on the percussion as they sound too distant, maybe add an alt drum line without effects and cross fade the two, that'd probably bring out the goodness more, this has a lot of promise, the hiccups are cool too! good work dude! 7/10

The Hell Yeahs: Nice intro has me sold straight away, this is gorgeous girly pop goodness, I love the fact that you've woven some real lyrics within the scat style doo-woppiness, the organ line is funky as hell! Brilliant! 8/10

Wages: Intro reminds me of the commodores 'Sail On' and it takes me a few moments to get that out of my mind, this one really needs serious building of instrumentation, I know what I'd do with it, if you listen yourself to the way you get stronger throughout, I'm sure you'll agree that it's missing something to counterpoint the melody! 6/10

Timmy the Tapeworm: sure I've heard this one before! 2/10

Chopped Meat Liver God: Hey this is great! best I've heard from you so far, this kinda sounds like sausage boy combined with me and BLT... (Hmmm! there's an Idea!) I've not got much else to say, as I'm just swinging along to this as it plays, good work! 8/10

Shadow of Psychotics: What do I need to play this??
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Post by Niveous » Wed Dec 05, 2007 9:49 am

"Crazy You" reviews

Road Worthy: Love that bass line. I just wish the vocals weren't so silly. If it had some semblance of serious lyrics, this could be the next Seven Nation Army. But instead I'm distracted by stuff about kangaroos and shampoo. And the spoken word part wasn't cute.

Sausage Boy: This is just all over the place. The bridge before the chorus is probably the most awkward part. There is something to the electronic touches but all in all, this is just too disheveled for me.

The Hell Yeahs: It's scat but it's cute scat. Nice touch with the "Bam sha-boogy". That's referencing your own songs in your songs. It's awfully cute but I can't get always from the fact that it's 2 minutes of scatting. I wouldn't even listen to Cab Calloway do that.

Wages: I love g^2 stuff but this one isn't very interesting. It's kinda bland and has some questionable vocal choices. Sadly, this just plain bored me.

Timmy the Tapeworm: This seems way too much like your "For You" track just enhanced some. It's a step in the right direction but still not there yet. I hope next time you enter a song that doesn't just stun but shows your full range.

Shadow: My PC hates m4a. :(

CLMG: I don't dig the rhythm to the song but I am all over the lyrics. I like the "reformed" psychopath angle. I like the bridge a lot. It's a great hook.

My vote goes to the Meat God.
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Post by Wages » Sat Dec 08, 2007 7:38 am

<b>Wages (me!) - </b> Part of my experiment here was the contrasting differences between the verses and choruses. Unfortunately I ran out of time and couldn't get a better recording of this entry. 6/10

<b>Chopped Liver Meat God - </b> Conjures images of Primus (vocally). I like the groove of this one. The best of your tunes that I've heard so far. 8/10

<b>Roadworthy - </b> Industrial sounding tune (is this BLT?). It should remind me of NIN, but for some reason there is Queens of the Stone Age in here. Whatever it is, it sounds good and I like. 9/10

<b>Sausage Boy - </b> Something about this is rather attractive. It's got a nice electronical groove. The vocals aren't quite doing it for me. Not sure if its the melody or the voicing. Overall, good effort. 7/10

<b>Psychotics - </b> Sounds like good early 90s instrumental theme song music. I'd like to hear you do a soundtrack to a film. 7/10

<b>The Hell Yeahs - </b> Didn't you say you guys were doing something a *little* out of character? Sounds like the bonus track that is found roughly 20 minutes after the last song on the CD. Strangely catchy, but don't give up on your primary style. 6/10

<b>Timmy the Tapeworm - </b> Did you somehow read the reviews of your other songs, then travel back in time to record this long murdering annoyance of killing my speakers? Because it sounds like you did. 0/10

My vote is going to Roadworthy with Chopped Liver Meat God a close second.
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Post by sausage boy » Mon Dec 10, 2007 5:06 am

Chopped Liver Meat God: This sounds like... my god! This sounds like something I would write! I feel oddly violated. You will find me cowering in the corner of the shower, water running, while I sob quietly to myself.

I like the song, though.

Roadworthy: Are you running the same drum machine as Chopped Live Meat God? Wait. The singer sounds like Copped Live Meat God too. I would drop the spoken word bit, but I like the rest of the song. I say keep the silly lyrics.

Shadow: Apparently the only shmuck crazy enough to have something that plays this song. It is very disco/dance like, but I can't quite find any connection to the title, apart from the fact you drop a couple of "Crazy you"s in there.

The Hell Yeahs: Cute.

Timmy the Tape Worm: Not quite as cute. In fact, ugly.

Wages: Apply the same general thoughts I have expounded the last X amount of times. The one thing I like in this one is that you have delivered it with a bit of passion and character, which is good.

Sausage Boy: Man, I am going to have to break one of my informal rules and vote for myself. The gall!
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Post by Paco Del Stinko » Tue Dec 11, 2007 12:23 pm

I voted for the Hell Yeahs.
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Post by Lord of Oats » Sat Dec 15, 2007 5:47 am

Roadworthy (it's just one word, by the way) - How can you not love this song. It's quite a day when you come up with an instrumental hook. I'm not sure how to explain being in the mood to let an untested band take it and run with it, until it's bogged down in garbage you'd have never have added, like the spoken word parts. But having the other fellows did help with the chorus vocals. Whatever. I can't believe this shit. Splitting my own vote. This has an undeniable greatness to it, but I think the CLMG one is far better than this, if a few miles further from being radio-ready.

Sausage Boy - Oh, God. This sounds promising. But then what is this horrible instrument you bring in? I like your vocal delivery, I guess. You come across sounding like a genuinely disturbed fellow, but I bet you aren't. This is okay. I don't really like the lyrics, and the prominent instrument sounds like garbage. But I like what's going on with the bass and drums, and the vocal performance is good, despite the lyrics. Like I said, I find myself really wanting to be in your live band. It'll be like a Nine Inch Nails sort of thing, where you sit in your studio and make some albums, and then you assemble real people to try to recreate what you did. Yeah, woo. Not sure why you voted for yourself when you could have voted for me sounding like you. Myself, since you're not doing something that sounds like what I do, I'll just vote for my version of you (not actually what I had in mind when I recorded).

The Hell Yeahs - I'm not sure why two and a half minutes of scat is so appealing. It's a bit much. I suppose maybe I'm just a little angry with this song for kicking the ass of my song, which I believe has more merit than this one, though I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised by that. I mean, how many people listen to Primus, compared to how many people listen to...whatever you sound like. So I don't know. Maybe I'd like this more in a different circumstance. Maybe not. It's not bad, really. It's alright to listen to. I just don't think it's something I'd vote for, in any normal circumstance.

Wages - Um, yeah, I didn't remember liking this so much, but it's quite good, man. I like the contrast between the different sections. Good performance, really. You're vocals are pretty on. Parts of it remind me of that Seal song that was big, years back. I wish this were up against less good competition, so there'd be a chance I could vote for it. Oh well. Nice job, man.

Psychotics - Who the hell formats in m4a? Fortunately, iTunes has no problem playing those. Unfortunately, this isn't that great. This would be better if the rhythm were tighter. Like that slap bass thing is really off. What's going on; you surely could have sequenced or something? Meh. Too short to be a real song or anything, anyway.

Chopped Liver Meat God - I hate to do what I'm about to do, for whatever reasons everyone else hates it, but this might be the greatest song I've ever created. I don't know, man. It just came together the right way, and took the exact amount of time and effort a great song needs to take. I'm very proud of my efforts here (lyrics notwithstanding), and uh, sorry, but I'm voting for this. Despite not having an actual guitar solo (weird, eh?), I think I snuck in some pretty exciting guitar work. This was a lot of fun to make, and even more fun to listen to. Don't ask why my tribute to Primus includes a disco bridge, and a drum machine instead of a drummer (maybe because Primus had a drum machine instead of a drummer when they first started out?), or why the vocals start out like some horribly Americanized Bowie and end up closer Trent Reznor. I mean, you can ask if you want, but I don't know. It just works. If I were ever inclined to call myself a musician, it'd be some time close to whenever this song is mentioned.
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