Purple Reign 2 - Sexy Dancer

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Johnny in the Corner
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Primitive Screwheads
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Purple Reign 2 - Sexy Dancer

Post by GlennCase » Mon Dec 31, 2007 4:41 pm

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Post by Rabid Garfunkel » Tue Jan 01, 2008 12:40 pm

Reviews on the first listen...

Johnny in the Corner
I'm enjoying Johnny's organ. Heh, had to say it. Got an interesting #/Kinks vibe (Kinktothorpe?). Have to give that some more listens.

The plethora of entries you do is giving your vox some good workouts and confidence, and the Lou Reedish pocket it's in for this song compliments it nicely. But... this was the product of a month's work? Sigh.

Primitive Screwheads
Go, Albatross, go! Rock!
Kids, that's how not to behave at your friendly neighborhood strip club.

Loop loop loop loop. Loop loop loop loop. Loop loop loop loop. Loop loop loop loop. Count 16 and change. Or 32. Ugh.

So then... order of preference: p++ (yeah, I'm an egotistical bastard); JitC; Wages. Haven't voted yet. More listens to do.
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Post by j$ » Wed Jan 02, 2008 5:18 am

JitC – Jack did wonders on the vocal of this track, and bringing some excellent ‘wank’ guitar to give the chorus a bit more edge. I like it a lot but I kind of wish I had a better idea for the drums overall. I did the drums, bass and (yes, pretty cool, I must admit) organ work.

Wages – yep, nice Lou Reed feel and a good melody (wavery notes not withstanding) – but proably a minute and a half too long for what it has. Lyrically a few phrases jump out and slap me in the face (which is a good thing) – ‘hanging off my bar stool’ is cool, for instance, but equally a lot of it passes me by to be honest. This is one you should have got a band together for, but I like it.

PS – Good to hear from you again – must say that is the most awesome bassline – nice violin patch also. Production is brilliant - like the vocal delivery. Funny imagery. Just not sure about the chorus. It’s good but too short and not enough variety to carry the (cool) repetitiveness of the rest of the song. The change at 3.30 comes in almost too late to bring it back from the edge. I’m glad for it, though and wanted it to go on twice as long. If you’re going long, then I think the ending should kick back in for another minute for an instrumental riff around the descending chords. Good song, a little long for what it has to offer, but everything is done so well.

Pubada – this is cute for a minute then my mind starts wandering. I think the kick drum is too loud in the mix – all the interesting electronic stuff (like the clanging bell and beeps and boops, the nice clattering snares at 2.00ish) is too far under the mix – making it sound like colour rather than central focus of song - it need something vocal, or a strong musical recurrent theme to really give it focus. As it is it only really gets going about 3 minutes, which is too long to ask for a first time listener. Good synth at 4.00 mins. Good backing track, but cardinal sin: this is not sexy enough for a song called ‘sexy dancer’.

i could vote Primitive Screwheads, I could vote for JiTC. It's a toss-up really (tee hee). I do really like Wages' song but ti feels like a demo, rather than a fully formed song.
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Post by Niveous » Wed Jan 02, 2008 10:59 am

Sexy Dancer Reviews:

Johnny in the Corner: I don't think I've ever heard delivery from Jack like this. It's like he's Geoff Wreckdom. The organ is great. This is out of left field from JitC. An unexpected gem. Give me a year's worth of this stuff, stat. "Still Knock Your Socks Off" is a great bad line that works great. This may be hard to beat.

Wages: This is nice. This is clean cut, g^2. It sounds like something I would do. The delivery is reserved in a good way. I like it.

P + +: The music is good. But the talky vocals do absolutely nothing for me. And when you do sing, it's this growl that is clearly not your forte. The violins are a nice touch. But the vocals with the bad Henry Rollins thing is just not working.

Pudaba: Okay, an instrumental. So, my question is- can someone dance sexy to this? I don't know. I can definitely see a rave going on and this song could get the party jumping but I don't hear the sexy. Separate from the whole "Sexy Dancer" thing, it's a good techno song. Makes me long for the days of Amp. A five minute song and I didn't struggle to stay with it. Good work. But It doesn't feel like a Sexy Dancer.

My vote goes to Johnny in the Corner.
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Post by sausage boy » Thu Jan 03, 2008 7:51 pm

Johnny in the Corner: You two are a fucking powerhouse. Excellent organ/percussion/bass backbone on which a bunch of impressive and funny guitar and vocals are layered.

Wages: I don't mind this too much. It could stand to be a bit faster, for my liking. I haven't heard the word 'schmoo' in a song... like... ever, possibly. Nice.

Primitive Screwheads: Ever heard of Bullamakanka? This is like an awesome, harder, more impressive Bullamakanka song. The violin is an excellent counterpoint for the rest of the song. The song subject sits really well with the instrumental style, and the vocal delivery.

Pubada: I like the fundamental instrumental basis of the song, but its a bit too long and go-nowhere, even for me.

Hard choice. Between Primitive Screwheads and Johnny In The Corner. JITC has that singalong quality that can stand multiple plays, while PS is catchy in that gruff, faux-country kind of way. I might have to employ some kind of third umpire.
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