Purple Reign 2 - When We're Dancing Close and Slow

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Pinky & The Truscaderos (feat. Rabid Garfunkel)
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Purple Reign 2 - When We're Dancing Close and Slow

Post by GlennCase » Mon Dec 31, 2007 6:01 pm

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Post by j$ » Wed Jan 02, 2008 5:29 am

Pinky – So I wanted to make a B-52s meets weird electronic bubblegum song, so I asked Rabid Garfunkel to do his best Fred Schneider and he certainly did. The ‘stylophone’ was a last minute addition to try and give the song a bit more forward motion. It’s probably a little slower than it should be, bpm-wise, and the main vocal is mixed a little loud, which isn’t bad but makes it a different sounding song than I imagined when I wrote it on guitar. Still it’s a nice melody and it was fun to make. Like I said it works but it’s just ended up somewhere I didn’t expect it to be. (oh the drums are sampled from ‘Deadbeat Club’ by the B-52s.)

Wages – Oh what is with that falsetto? This is the duet with yourself you were talking about? Are you meant to be a woman on those lines? You sound like Mr Hanky the Christmas poo! Unintentionally hilarious, that. Nice tune, and the ‘man’ vocal is good, very good in fact. But oh sorry, I just can’t take that high vocal seriously and it’s spoiling my enjoyment of the song! I think you are a very good songwriter - you have an ear for a hook and a mood which is admirable, and I guess the willingness to try anything is too. You should have shopped around for a duet singer for this one, though, IMO.
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Post by sausage boy » Thu Jan 03, 2008 8:06 pm

Another j$ involved band VS Wages.

Pinky & The Truscaderos (feat. Rabid Garfunkel): Rabid's vocal has a quality that is nearing second tier voice over man. Thats not bad, not at all. It just has that feel. The bongos are a nice surprise, as is the thin toy organ sounding solo.

Wages: I have no idea if j$'s comment of Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo has tainted my perception somewhat, but yeah, howdy ho! I think this song could be really good if you actually wrangled a real lady to sing the lady parts.
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