Songfight LIVE 2008 Tampa, Hot & Sweaty

All about the next annual live event. Are you coming?. Discuss travel & lodging. Recruit band members, discuss equipment, setlists, etc.
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Songfight LIVE 2008 Tampa, Hot & Sweaty

Post by Hoblit » Fri Mar 28, 2008 8:57 pm

YES, we know it was only 450'ish miles from Tampa last year in the ATL, but Spokane is being held over until 2009 and nobody else has really stepped up for nominating a city. (excepting johnm, who we haven't heard back from in a while and not a lot of fervor surrounding the idea of offense)

BUT, I'm willing to go ahead and make Tampa the destination for this year's SONGFIGHT LIVE (tentatively) Hot & Sweaty.

Tampa is the keystone to the whole Tampa Bay area which has in itself plenty to offer. Tampa has an amusement park called Busch Gardens and yes, its owned by the beer makers as well as a whole section of town devoted to night life. St. Petersburg, the second largest city in the Tampa Bay collective hosts the world renowned professional baseball team known as the Rays...I'm sure they'll be a huge draw. It too has a pretty good night life located in its downtown area. Clearwater, the third but not forgotten home of Scientology has its own share of party by night attractions but is best known for its beautiful beaches and is less than an hour's drive from my place in Tampa.

I believe we are shooting for early August. (for those who have to go back to school be it HS, College, or teachers) July is not out of the question but considering how we are getting a late start here, the aim is August. I will be aiming to rent a place for our show(s) but would also consider getting a show booked at a club too.

Feel free to ask questions and note that once we decide on a weekend, I will start to work on pertinent information...such as venue, surrounding lodging, things to do... airport info (by the way, the bay area hosts two *cough* international airports), and etc...
I WILL need help so volunteers to the project will be most welcome be it whatever.

Let me start by asking: What weekend is best for ya'll?
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