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Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Tue May 15, 2018 11:26 pm
by iVeg
New Ugly - good job, Mike & Ben. It sounded good!

Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 12:31 am
by B Mac
If I sent you to Heather's Monday at NewWorldeli she's fantastic and nice as pie. I just can never go because I have either class or rehearsals Mondays. I'm sorry I personally missed you but its nice to see you now and Im glad you had fun.[/quote]

Yeah NewWorldDeli was it, and you're right about Heather. Austin is a pretty cool place all round, had a great time, will be back.

Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 2:39 am
by glennny
@New Ugly

Love the podcast! Nice to have it back!

Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 3:21 am
by vowlvom
Really enjoyed the Podcast again! Interesting points about the different takes on this challenge and the humour vs music divide. Pleased that the inherently evil quality of my lyrics met with favour 8-)

Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 4:41 am
by Caravan Ray
glennny wrote:@New Ugly

Love the podcast! Nice to have it back!
Likewise. Good job chaps. It is an extra thing to this thing that is a good thing.

Though I didn’t like the implication you made in you first one this year that caravan ray spends all of his time at the pub. BMac - I think we should kick this wanker in the nuts.

Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 5:59 am
by Caravan Ray
B Mac wrote:Hey Caravan Ray, great to hear Paul's vocals on that song. You guys have to play that one at the Irish club's next open mic. Dj Ranger Den, I believe you set up the open mic for me in Austin last year. Thanks so much, it was a blast.
Post you lyrics up BMac

We need to probe you internally.

Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 8:37 am
by lichenthroat
HeuristicsInc wrote: Lichen - are you using a tracker program? I feel like this music is less random than last time. I like the bassline.
Not exactly. I use a program called MuseScore to write the notes as sheet music, and then I export the individual tracks to Ardour to record the vocal and mix.

Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 8:52 am
by carlo bruno jr
It was a strong round one and this is my top 10, in alphabetical order:

Berkeley Social Scene
Boffo Yux Dudes
Fisher & Diaz
Grumpy Mike
Matchy Matchy
Owl Chemist
Rob From Amersfoort
Vom Vorton

Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 9:28 am
by Mysteria
Great round everyone! Again it was very hard for me to score and the lower end of my rankings will not reflect how much I actually liked those songs. I’m still listening to them today and there isn’t one I want to skip past, so congratulations all of you!

Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 10:49 am
by thirdcat
OK here are some reviews from Third Cat. Since I'm still new here I'll try to keep my reviews more focused on the positives. I'll underline the names of my favorites.

BMac - I like some of these lyrics and the delivery at times reminds me of a John Lennon demo.

Berkeley Social Scene - I like the energy here, the drums sound good. There's some nice guitar riffing for sure.

Boffo Yux Dudes - Dig the organs! The percussion is pretty cool too. I like the '60s psychedelic feel to the instrumental and the fx on the vocals.

Carlo Bruno Jr. - Love the backing vocals. Pretty interesting tone on the vocals in general, lots of personality. Definitely one of my favorites. I like the style and the production/mix is pretty damn good.

Cavedwellers - Some interesting production stuff here. The verses are my favorite part of the song but the instrumental breakdown is pretty sweet too. The vocals sound great during the verses.

DJ Ranger Den - I really like the instrumentation, such interesting unusual choices. Puts you in a strange places. Vocals are very good and the lyrics are pretty amusing.

Fisher & Diaz - I like the "who got the cheddar" bit. Quite catchy.

Grumpy Mike - This is very well produced and everything sounds good. Vocals are good and kind of remind me of something/someone I can't quite place. Has a '90s alt rock sound.

Inflatable Vegetables - I kind of like this but I kind of don't. I know that's not much of a review; sometimes the thing that you don't quite know what to make of at first is the thing that grows on you the most in the long run. Love the "Good Vibrations" reference.

Lichen Throat - I like how the instrumental is responding to your lyrics.

LookyLu - I like the sample loops, neat sounds there. The synths are cool. Nice restraint in keeping things minimalist but still interesting. One of my favorites, possibly the most interesting track.

Lucky Witch & Righteous Ghost - '60s garage rock feel. There are some catchy bits in here. I like the keys.

Mandibles - Really excellent sounding acoustic guitar; both in the playing and the recording. This part actually reminds me a lot of a song by The Avett Brothers. Nice vocals, fit the song well.

Matchy Matchy - The lyrics make it a bit of an inside joke of course but the the music / performance/ production is actually really good. I'm impressed. I might have to make an order for the next round.

Merisen - Much darker than your Round 0 song but just as impressive. I really love the vocal and the heavy dark synths. The song kind of reminds me of something... maybe "Let Forever Be" by The Chemical Brothers/Noel Gallagher. ? Probably my favorite of the round.

Nick Soma - I like this spaced out synth sound. Cool atmospherics. There's some really nice melodies in there too. One of my favorites of the round.

Owl Chemist - Cool mix of a kind of punk rock feel with some groovy harmonies. The production/mix is real good here. Good vocals, they match the style well.

Pigfarmer Jr - Balderdash! I like the guitar on the background of the spoken word part.

Riddle & Leigh - I think the levels are a bit off maybe; the instrumental should be higher in relation to the vocals.

Rob From Amersfoort - Good production/mix. I really liked your Round 0 song. (probably my #2 after Merisen.)

Swampy Nethers - Some pretty cool lyrics.

Third Cat - I liked my chorus; I struggled with the verses (rewrote a few times). I thought I'd do a bit better than I did, but there is some tough competition here so I won't take it too hard. Hopefully my "3:20" lands better.

Vom Vorton - Great chorus, lots of energy in your instrumental. Good vocals. One of the best of the round imo.

Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 1:33 am
by vowlvom
Berkeley Social Scene - musically excellent as usual but I wish the vocals were a bit tighter. I feel like I make this comment a lot for BSS songs so I guess it’s just a style I don’t quite click with, but the good-time rock vibes are strong enough that I still liked this quite a bit. Love that guitar sound for the solo.

BMac - still a bit bare-bones for my tastes but I like this a lot more than your previous round entry. Interesting lyric, nice laid-back vibe.

Boffo Yux Dudes - this is really unusual and interesting. I like all the individual ingredients - sweet harmonies, nice organ work, good drum sound - but I’m not 100% sure about the end result. I like it but I want to love it.

Carlo Bruno Jr. - this is really excellent, I love the slidey lead guitar playing, the melodic bass, and the wonderful backing vocals. Really hard to pick a favourite from this incredibly strong batch of songs, but if I had to, it’d be this one.

Cavedwellers - not as immediate as your previous entry, and the pre-chorus feels kinda sludgy and sluggish, but I really like the dual vocals and the general vibe.

DJ Ranger Den - this is scrappy but undeniably charming, the keyboard / xylophone sounds are great and the lyrics are very witty (despite the fact that the word “butthurt” sends involuntary shivers down my spine). I love the way you sing the title right at the end.

Fisher & Diaz - I’m trapped in a weird indecisive state about this one, I find it slightly annoying but also really appealing. I’m still not really into the gloopy bass sounds but the guitar work is great and I really enjoy the two vocals, and a lot of this is very funny.

Grumpy Mike - killer bass sound! Fun lyrics too, as a cat-lover and internet-user this was definitely the product or service I found most appealing.

Inflatable Vegetables - solid hooks right from the start, and a ton of fun. The “if somebody has a frown…” section is my favourite, I love that voice you’re doing there, but the Good Vibrations nod was amusing as well.

Lichen Throat - this is definitely one of your best, the music sounds great and your vocal is well mixed. Really enjoyed the lyric, too, and its a perfect fit for your unusual style of music-making.

Lookylu - really interesting sound again, the chopped-up vocal percussion is cool and I love how the pulsing bass kicks in for the chorus.

Lucky Witch and the Righteous Ghost - really enjoyed this, very catchy (especially the “24 easy payments” section) and a lot of fun, and you’ve definitely made some improvements to your recording quality without losing that charming lo-fi edge.

Mandibles - very different from your last song! This is so charming and classic-feeling, 60s singer-songwriter vibes. I like that combo of very traditional songwriting with internet-age lyrics, and your vocals complement each other well.

Matchy Matchy - I generally have a strange bias against self-referential lyrics like this but this is catchy as hell and I cannot hold a grudge. That slam on the judges is hilarious.

Merisan - wonderful synthpop production as usual, a bit less full-on pop! this time but I enjoy the mellower, moodier approach and it feels a good fit for your sales pitch.

Nick Soma - loving the electronic sound and the melancholy vibe. A different sound from the other stuff I’ve heard from you, but you do it really well.

Owl Chemist - the low vocals feel like they get slightly overwhelmed by the arrangement in places, but this has a killer energy and some great fuzz guitar tone. That “we got it!” hook is great, as are the high-pitched backing vocals.

Pigfarmer Jr - love the rhymes. One of the wittiest lyrics for sure, definite points for being the only person to use the word “cessation”! An enjoyable listen, too.

Riddle and Leigh - the mix is distractingly weird, I think the main vocal is panned out wide and quieter than the backing vocals? I like the concept and the rhythms but it didn’t quite grab me overall, apart from the rap which is very entertaining.

Rob From Amersfoort - more classic RFA. I like the xylophone intro and as usual you’re clearly having fun with interesting panning and stereo trickery. The “fictional” hook is great.

Swampy Nethers - catchy chorus, lots of charm. “Interwebs” is another one of those words that sets my teeth on edge, but everything else here is good.

Third Cat - real epic-ballad feel to this one with the strings and the big chorus. I like the mix of the modern production elements (the bass and hihats especially) with more “classic” songwriting stuff.

Vom Vorton (me) - I found this week’s challenge difficult, but think I eventually managed to turn out a decent track after a couple of failed attempts. I don’t like the way I sing “spam” at the start though, wish I’d used a different take…

Favourites (alphabetical):
Carlo Bruno Jr
Lichen Throat
Nick Soma
Rob from Amersfoort

…but I basically liked all of these. Excellent work, all.

Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 2:21 am
by j$
W.A.I.L I.A.A.C.
this tile / challenge, as feared, brought out the clod-hopping comedy - so writing these reviews proved as painfully difficult as listening to a majority of these.
Lookylu – this is great, simple and effective.
Fisher & Diaz – The lyric, with its ubiquitous Solyent Green references, is a little obvious. There’s enough of interest in the arrangement to carry this so far but the lyric does need to be stronger/have more to say.
Owl Chemist – great mix/tune – not sure about the vocal delivery. It’s not great impact-wise. Still Bvs sound great.
IV – don’t like the “Viv Stanshall reggae’ lyric at all. Nowhere near as smart as it thinks it is. Otherwise I like it fine. Catchy and (relatively) short.
BSS – This is fine, the vocal is not exactly easy on the ear this time out, like you’re reaching for the key and most of the time you hit; but not every time. Nice solo/ tone. It feels like standard BSS, which is no bad thing. Just occurred to me that this is a Ramones lyric, along with all of its rhymes and clumsiness.
The Third Cat – So the chord sequence is that Pacobel one that every british band used in the 90s. Can’t hear beyond it. Sorry. All Together Now, “Under neon emptiness”...
Bmac – Not my thing but won’t hold that against you as it’s a good tune, well done, and I like your (not very Australian) singing voice.
Nick Soma – wow. Who wants to make a song for the Breakfast Club soundtrack today? It’s well done, I suppose, but it takes me back to 80s bands - which I don’t hate, necessarily, but I think if you are going to use the materials be sure the end product is catchy not drab?
BYD – another victim of the novelty song nature of the title/challenge. This is all rather tuneless or rather your mix pushed the weakest part of the song to the forefront and I can’t hear much else. I’m talking about your vocal, btw. Also someone thinks they’re in the Doors but hasn’t told everyone else.
Swampy Nethers – oh the vocal isn’t greatly on tune, which is a shame, as I admire the bold bass-synth arrangement and I think the tune deserved better.
Lichen Throat – I liked this one more than last week. Still same over-reliance on sequencer. The voice works much better here - are you sure you’re not Marcus Kellis? I dislike Meta-lyrics.
Pigfarmer Jr – Didn’t like. Neither comedy nor over-acting float my boat generally.
Riddle and Leigh – why is this all mixed into the left speaker? Some people listen on headphones, you know. Oh I can barely hear anything except the bass. This is a shame as I can just about hear a good tune in there; and I hate to judge on production. But as it is, it is a real chore to get to the end of.
Mandibles – like the acoustic and the vocal – the lyric is uggglllyy, all “look at me, I’ve got a philosophy degree from community college and I WILL ruin your evening by using it”. That’s my only issue with this, as the tune/melody is an earworm.
Rob from Amsfoort – This is super-catchy. The “I sell you ..” sections don’t work quite as well, though they should; and I think you want to use “imaginary” rather than “fictional” … good, though.
Merisan – I scored this highly on the first minute; but now I think I should have been less generous. It’s great but it doesn’t really go anywhere. Still, delivers on last week vague Goldfrapp mood by going full on and I’ve no problem with that.
Cavedwellers – vocal sounds good and in the main unwobbly. “Colonic intake”? “Turn it into euphoric grape”? All the sections work independently and together – and the song has a lightness of touch much missing further down the rankings. Feels longer than it actually is.
DJ Ranger Den – How should I rank this? I should hate this but the reasons I hate it are not your problem, so I shouldn’t rank it on that. So mid-way in my list would be about right. Lose point for “Troll Be Gone”. Ugggghhhhh.
Grumpy Mike – Copying Skub rather than 90s bands has served you well. :)
RG&LW – Tight BVs work well, they sound great on Niv’s voice. I really like the second 80s part. caught me by surprise in a good way. The long sample at the end also freaked me out, I had to check I didn’t have a tab open playing some odd advert video so purpose served. I guess getting freaked out and being pleased about it is reflected in the final score, so great.
VV – Great synth riff to open and vox sounds good. Chorus is strong, though this is threatening to become the Killers. Don’t lose sight of that!
CBJ – Pretty. Vaguely psychedelic.
Matchy Matchy – I hate vague meta boasting so sorry, not for me.

Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 2:37 am
by vowlvom
j$ wrote:this is threatening to become the Killers. Don’t lose sight of that!
Haha, a constant fear! I shall bear it in mind. Although I'm slightly scared of the comparisons you might draw for my next-round song.

What does W.A.I.L I.A.A.C. mean, IDK BTW? Edit: never mind, figured it out with some forum searching!

Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 7:39 am
by Pop Machine
j$ wrote:BYD - Also Someone thinks they’re in the Doors but hasn’t told everyone else.
This is incorrect. We're all too aware in BYD that the keyboardist thinks he's in The Doors.

Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 8:44 am
by j$
Pop Machine wrote:
j$ wrote:BYD - Also Someone thinks they’re in the Doors but hasn’t told everyone else.
This is incorrect. We're all too aware in BYD that the keyboardist thinks he's in The Doors.
You should tell him to stop it then :)

Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 8:57 am
by Pop Machine
j$ wrote:
Pop Machine wrote:
j$ wrote:BYD - Also Someone thinks they’re in the Doors but hasn’t told everyone else.
This is incorrect. We're all too aware in BYD that the keyboardist thinks he's in The Doors.
You should tell him to stop it then :)
No, then he'll just go back to thinking he's in Styx, so we opted for the lesser of two evils.

Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 12:26 pm
by lichenthroat
Merisan—Vocals and production are great. I feel like it is in need of an exuberant chorus, though.

Cavedwellers—Not up my alley. The production and mix are really good, however.

DJ Ranger Den—It’s funny and works wonderfully as a novelty. Not something I’d want to listen to a lot, though.

Grumpy Mike—Oh yeah! Good vocal, good lyrics, lays down a blistering groove. My favorite of the week.

Lucky Witch & the Righteous Ghost—I could take or leave the rest of the song, but the “24 easy payments…” sections are sooooo good. This is the song I had stuck in my head all week.

Vom Vorton—I like the contrast between the verses and chorus. You make creating a good song seem so effortless.

Carlo Bruno Jr.—Love the variable-pitch guitar notes. Super solid song.

Matchy Matchy—I thought the lyrics were great. I’d like less of a’50s vibe, but this was one of my favorites.

Fisher and Diaz—This is the kind of thing I usually hate, but somehow I kinda like it. You’re doing something right, even if I can’t identify what it is.

Mandibles—I think I’d like an album on which this was the quiet song at the end. Not memorable, but very pleasant.

Rob from Amersfoort—Both of your songs I’ve heard get better with every listen. I think I’m starting to understand what you’re going for. I like the chorus here.

Lookylu—This is one of those songs where you listen to the whole song for a few perfect moments, in this case, the section beginning with “internet sensation.”

Owl Chemist—The opening part is a little too long, but man, this rocks. Dig the vocal.

Inflatable Vegetables—I like your chorus. The vocal sounds a little distant. This is bit on the gimmicky side for me.

Berkeley Social Scene—I like the guitar during the chorus. The transition after the first verse is nice, too.

Third Cat—I’m not sure all the instrument sounds are chosen to complement each other well. Otherwise, this is pretty good.

BMac—The lyrical content doesn’t go well with the music, and this is not a case where the juxtaposition is effective. I think you could make a fine song with the same guitar parts, the same vocal melody, and different, less comedic, lyrics. (I did appreciate the Internet King reference, however.)

Nick Soma—Your voice sounds great; I think your slight accent adds the perfect extra element of interest. There’s a lot of good stuff going here, all of which might not unfold until I’ve listened a few more times. One of my favorites of the week.

Boffo Yux Dudes—I like the vocal performance, but not the vocal melody. The quiet relentlessness of the beat is distinctive and cool.

Swampy Nethers—The vocal is appealing and charming. I like the vocal melody in the chorus a lot. The instrumental music could use a little more spice.

Lichen Throat (me)—I think I’m finally getting a little better at mixing, mostly thanks to advice I’ve received through Song Fight and Nur Ein. I was pretty happy with this. I’m disappointed not to be moving on, but I’ve enjoyed this year and learned a lot. Good luck to those of you who remain.

Pigfarmer Jr.—The straightforward literalness of the chorus is funny. I could do with fewer of the spoken word parts, though I do quite like the guitar in the background during them.

Riddle and Leigh—I liked the rap. The backing vocal seems louder than the lead vocal; it’s an interesting choice and I think I might like it, strangely enough. I would like to have heard more variety in the rhythm loop.

Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Fri May 18, 2018 2:48 pm
by arby
j$ wrote:RG&LW – Tight BVs work well, they sound great on Niv’s voice. I really like the second 80s part. caught me by surprise in a good way. The long sample at the end also freaked me out, I had to check I didn’t have a tab open playing some odd advert video so purpose served. I guess getting freaked out and being pleased about it is reflected in the final score, so great.
first of all, glad you liked it. We had a lot of fun doing it. I don't know what you mean by "second 80's part" - is that the "24 easy payments" bridge? also, the voiceover is not a sample, it's an original creation written by our wonderful bassist Tom! he recorded it at home after the rehearsal and sent it to me, I sped it up by 30% to get that real "TV announcer reading legalese feeling" and put a telephone notch effect on it. but I guess it's good that it fooled you into thinking it was a real advert! :D :lol:

Re: Nur Ein XIII Round One "Internet Sensation"

Posted: Sat May 19, 2018 1:53 pm
by Mysteria
Thoughts on Round One songs from a Nur Ein judge who may or may not be bitter, disgruntled and totally unaccountable. ;) Seriously though, as I already said, this was a good round and I liked several songs more than their rankings really indicate because the competition is so stiff.

BMac - This is a song I like more each time I listen to it; I really like the chords it' just feels a touch slow for me, like it needs a bit of oomph.

Berkeley Social Scene - I like the fast beat of the song and really like the bass line. Something about the vocals was not working for me as far as how they went with the song but I was never able to specifically pinpoint what was throwing me and overall I did enjoy the song.

Boffo Yux Dude - I enjoyed the trippy vibe to the song that the keyboards helped highlight. I also liked how the vocals blended and the use of the shakers.

Carlo Bruno Jr. - Really like the intro and the lyrics. I didn't always feel the vocals were the exactly right sound for the song but you know how to put together a tightly knit song and make it work.

Cavedwellers - Awesome horn section and a catchy, boppy tune. The bridge was a little haunting, all around good song.

DJ Ranger Den - I went back and forth over trying to decide if this was a Kander & Ebb style showtune or a 1940s radio jingle and finally settled on both. Yours was probably the most fun entry for me, and I really enjoyed the song. When I hear it I keep picturing showgirls doing a choreographed dance with the big hair, big smiles and jazz hands.

Fisher & Diaz - "Who got the cheddar" was stuck in my head for a day and a half - fun and catchy song with a percussion beat I really liked.

Grumpy Mike - Lithium batteries and Garfield references - total winner for me! Add in the heavy bass intro and solid vocals, this song was a no brainer for my top 5.

Inflatable Vegetables - Your perky and upbeat jingle is a bit of an earworm, so I am very glad it's a good one. There was even a slight calypsoish vibe which I liked.

Lichen Throat - Your song is unfortunately one of the ones I liked but still ended up towards the bottom of my list as I did the rankings. I really liked the tune and the bass line as well as that banjo you threw in there. The vocals were a little monotone and did not always feel like they echoed the flow of the song.

Lookylu - This song has a good beat - I'm not usually into EDM but that's what this vibe was to me and I was into it. The gritty vocals really worked well here and every time I listened the song moved up in my rankings.

Lucky Witch & Righteous Ghost - Really enjoyed the intro and while your vocals were still a bit far away sounding, it did work for this song. Definite upgrade in production/sound over your round zero song. Your side effects disclaimer was awesome!

Mandibles - very pretty song, so much so that at times I was so caught up in the melody the lyrics really faded away and I kept having to re-listen to figure out how to rank it. The guitar on this was just beautiful and one of my favorite parts of the song was the "fractured fractal" bit.

Matchy Matchy - This was just fun and catchy. I'm not sure how well the inside joke aspect will play outside of the Nur Ein world but I appreciate the creativity and it made me smile and move each time I listened to it. One of my favorites this week.

Merisan - Not what I am used to from a Merisan song but really, really good. If the sirens of ancient myths and legend really did exist, I think this is exactly what they would sound like and nobody would be able to resist.

Nick Soma - This was a solid entry with good vocals and a good tune. Basically, another case of I liked it but it still fell to the lower half of my score sheet because there were others I liked more.

Owl Chemist - I like this more each time I hear it. The fast pace and garage rock vibe are fun and the vocals are solid.

Pigfarmer Jr - Funny and a little gross, your song reminded me of those horrid medical condition fix adds that always seem to come on tv during the dinner hour. It made me laugh and say "eww" all at the same time. The spoken verses really work well in your song.

Riddle & Leigh - I enjoyed your tune much more than the ranking reflects. For me the biggest problem was the song's production - the vocals were too far away too much and at times the falsetto was a little off.

Rob from Amersfoort - The keyboards are probably my favorite part of this song, which is tough to say because it is all good.

Swampy Nethers - There's a good beat here and I thought this was fun - especially the ad pop up statements.

Thirdcat - Pretty tune with good sounding vocals, I like the song more each time I listen to it.

Vom Vorton - Fun song with a strong intro, clever lyrics and good vocals.