A support group for (The Dream Crusher Reviews)

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A support group for (The Dream Crusher Reviews)

Post by Pigfarmer Jr » Sun Mar 10, 2019 7:23 am

You can crush my dreams, but you can't... erm... I forget where I was going with this.
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Re: A support group for (The Dream Crusher Reviews)

Post by Pigfarmer Jr » Sun Mar 10, 2019 7:24 am

You can (pretty, please) post your lyric here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=11411
I released my first album on January 26th, 2018.
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Ad astra per alia porci - Steinbeck
(To the stars on the wings of a pig.)
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Re: A support group for (The Dream Crusher Reviews)

Post by Lunkhead » Sun Mar 10, 2019 9:12 pm

Thanks again for the review thread and lyrics thread link!

Songs are on their way up now, should appear shortly.
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Re: A support group for (The Dream Crusher Reviews)

Post by mc3p0 » Mon Mar 11, 2019 2:38 pm

You guys know the drill, I drink and you sing. It also pairs with indica and a bag of huevitos. <<PLAY>>

Berkley Social Scene - A cool change of style. That last guitar riff is really beautiful and needed some other place in the song, imo. I would add some jungle. The guitar solo is cool, the whole song shifts a little arabesque with that bass finally swinging.

clavkill - Sort of John Foxx, I am a fan. Every sound is synthetic. You had me at "mother fucker". Seriously, this is so neat. Obviously hints of Kraftwerk in that solo sound. "DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE BRITNEY!":]

Cody Walker Jr. - Lovely. It doesn't really hit that swing moment - but it gets seriously close. I tend to take about a minute before I slip it into the groove. The gliss sounds somewhat like an Oberheim. The analog love is strong with this one. I keep wanting to add that fourth instrument, this is hooky but needs to be completed. I see maybe the narrative of teenagers flirting painfully at a roller rink style video. You bring the sweetness.

Lichen Throat - Nice. What a perfect ending. Seriously, so cerebral and deliberate I am stunned.

Micah Somersmith - Very elaborate piano on the chorus. This song is long and doesn't take a minor key adventure or minimize, or electrify.. I can hear it in your voice, but instead of a predictably powerful chorus, I would prefer it sung shyly and played minimal, especially because of the delivery of such an upbeat key and almost a march to such harsh lyrics. Wonderful writing.

Paco del Stinko - You are a wild ride. It's seriously hooky like your last entry, handclaps and all. And for all of it's grandeur I honestly cannot understand some of the lyrics, which are in English? This is a great pairing for your Silent Advance. I think you are so stylish, the background vocals are always excellently placed. You are very nearly an operatic sound in places. Your music is fun erotic confusion.

Paradox Falls - Your sounds are indeed crushing. You keep the lyrics minimal but I'll bet you can rap with more rhythmic complexity. You sound like a teenage David Bowie when you sing "man", that's awesome. Good chorus, I like the melody, but it's the most minimal of minimal.

Step Aside - Jesus, this is graced our fight!? Obvious win. Fucking obvious win. I sent it to someone deserved.

Third Cat - Ohh, ahhh.... beautiful. And the groovy bass... AAHI'm getting more drunk than critical. But I dig this track massively. Melotron? is special with that picked guitar. I could see the ship leaving orbit heading for the orbital orchards, glittering ice reflecting momentarily in his eye as he ponders if this is really a minimum wage moment.

tomdg - I agree - the hedge fund roll-up managers need to pay. Banks in general, but their entire model of national monetary dependency is based on fiat currency as well as those parasitic actors. Next song better expose the tungsten blanks filling Fort Knox. I've got Roswell covered this next fight, brother.

Vom Vorton - Whaaa? This is a love song.. from Mars. Soo alien and peppy. Similar to my unsubmitted idea, only mine was third person perspective - yours is far superior and menacing. Nifty, and fun - this is so utterly different from your last entry. Well, obviously same home planet, but sneakily different. Win.

This was as nice as the Silent Advance fight and maybe a little bit moreso in that a fully artificial entry is in the mix. The obvious production questions aside, Step Aside has minimal nailed and brings the larger elements tastefully. Vom Vorton has an unexpected cleverness. Lichen Throat and Paco del Stinko are my runner-ups. Lichen Throat is obviously an incredible narrator. Paco del Stinko is structured specifically and seriously energetic. Third Cat is the unexpected nostalgia, but Berkley Social Scene is the unexpected direction. Cody Walker Jr. is performing in the same method as early Kraftwerk which I do listen to more than their digitized music. Speaking of which Paradox Falls is entirely digital samples, but compressed and distorted into more imaginative jagged shapes. These issues and observations are all secondary to my obvious sonicsmith dream lover / nightmare stalker clavkill. If only we possessed ovaries and semen! Skip that - CRISPR and a Keurig would be better suited to dominating the planet. In another impregnation chamber, perhaps. Dudes, I'm done. It was great, I listened thrice, it was tougher musically. Thanks, people.
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Re: A support group for (The Dream Crusher Reviews)

Post by vowlvom » Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:22 am

I'm going to sound like a right misery after mc3p0's delicious enthusiasm there. But here I go anyway! Sorry everyone!

Berkeley Social Scene - good vocals, good musicianship, like the synths. I really, really don't like the rhythm guitar sound though - I'm sure this is partly (mostly) genre bias but what should sound gritty and grungy just sounds like bad mp3 compression artifacts to me, and that sinks the song.

clavikill - I have a major weakness for synthesized vocals like this, and I love that you've used two different vocal sounds (the female one sounds Australian!?). Definitely picked up on the Kraftwerkiness too, once that lead kicks in. The song as a whole feels like it needs something to lift it a bit, and the timing of the hihats feels a little loose in places, but in general this is one of my favourites from this fight and I'll be voting for it.

Cody Walker Jr - like the synths, like the bass, like the general vibe. But this isn't a complete song! I got most of the way through it on my first listen really looking forward to the vocals kicking in and they never did! And there's nothing there to keep the song interesting in the absence of a vocal line, apart from (my solution) making up my own lyrics and singing them in the car. You should go back to this and finish it off because I think it could be really good!

Lichen Throat - not your best vocally or musically, but not your worst either. The guitar sounds really nice, even if the strumming has some timing issues, and the vocal doubling is mostly pretty effective. Mostly though I just really like the lyrics for this one so I'll be voting for it anyway.

Micah Sommersmith - lots to praise here - clever lyrics, some impressive piano playing - but to me this feels like a really good three minute song that carries on for another two minutes. I'm not really convinced that the third verse onwards really add very much to the song, and it led to me getting a bit fed up with this over several listens.

Paco Del Stinko - excellent guitar work as usual, and the bass is particularly bouncy and fun. Might vote for this one, I've definitely enjoyed Paco songs more than this one, but it's pretty good.

Paradox Falls - this has potential but the vocal is SO LOUD in the mix that the song becomes hard to enjoy. I like the lyrics and the synth backing is fine, if your recording method lets you apply compression then get some on that voice!

Step Aside - this is pretty obviously the best song in the fight, although I'll admit to a slight bias against it as an entry for this fight as the link to the title seems more tenuous than most (although I might not have noticed this if the mp3 tags didn't call it something else entirely). It's really very good indeed though, and a great example of how vocals + acoustic guitar can still sound fresh and exciting (admittedly there are a LOT of vocals here).

Third Cat - ahh, lovely mellotron. I'm imagining the mellotron as the dream and the fuzzy guitar section as the crusher, because I'm into musical Song Fight fanfic now I guess. Anyway this is good, there's a little sloppiness in the lead guitar on the fuzzy section that bugged me slightly but that's all the critique I can muster, definitely voting for this one.

Tomdg - verse melody reminds me of 'Sun Hits The Sky' by Supergrass. This song is a bit of a mess though, sorry - the guitar part is all over the place and there's no driving rhythm to hold any of it together. Lyrics are fine.

Vom Vorton - me. I was going to go for a stripped down sort of live sound, but then I got carried away with the backing vocals. I think there are a few parts of this that could use some polish and I'm not sure I fully hit the target with the lyrics, but it was fun to record and I'm pretty happy with it overall.
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Re: A support group for (The Dream Crusher Reviews)

Post by thirdcat » Tue Mar 12, 2019 2:05 pm

Lichen Throat - I appreciate the real acoustic guitar even if sloppy. Drum track is kinda cool as simple as it is. The lyrics are cool. Overall I find this one pretty charming and it lacks the digital harshness that I hear in most of your tracks.

Step Aside - Pretty nice sounding acoustic guitars and a lot of energy for a song without any drums. Very well performed and objectively a good song, subjectively - the vocal style kind of puts me off it a bit. I do like the vocal harmonies and the picked acoustic parts are sweet.

Cody Walker Jr. - This is a pretty good instrumental, I dig the analog sound. But it sounds like a backing track missing vocals rather than an instrumental song.

Clavikill - This is a cool Kraftwerkian jam but I think the vocals parts are a bit too sloppy in places to totally work (although the sloppiness does work as humor).

BSS - Not one of my favorite BSS songs although it has some cool moments, particularly the guitar solo which is awesome. Unfortunately my least favorite part is the verse (particularly I find the verse vocal kind of grating) and that makes up a large part of the song.

Paco - Fun one instrumentally, I like the handclaps and the layers of guitar lines that come in at times. Overall though, not a favorite Paco song for me.

Vom Vorton - Easily my favorite song of the fight and a definite vote. Lots of fun stuff going on here and it's growing on me even more with multiple listens. Only negative thing I can think of is that I don't like it as much as your "Silent Advance" but I'm bringing that up mostly to say how much I liked that one again.

Paradox Falls - This kind of reminds me of Atari Teenage Riot. I like the electro punk vibe. There's potential here and the chorus has a kind of manic energy that I find appealing. Vocals are just a bit too inconsistent (especially on the verse) even for a lofi type thing. The sudden cut out at the end works well.

Tomdg - Lyrics are alright and in places the vocals are charming but instrumentally it's pretty sloppy and the mix is really wonky (vocals way too loud in contrast with the guitar.)

Micah Sommersmith - I like this one, a pleasant listen, and it has grown on me a bit with multiple listens although I have to agree with VV about the length, it is a bit long. Still; my 2nd favorite of the fight. Vote.
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Re: A support group for (The Dream Crusher Reviews)

Post by codywalkerjr » Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:54 pm

Hi Guys,

Enjoyed this fight, But I've always been a poor lyricist. I always find it difficult to write lyrics. I spent a few hours on the track and never had an idea to finish..next weeks submission will have words. I outsourced it to another songfighter.:)

Thank you for the criticism.

As far as reviewing fights, I don't feel worthy enough to tell you what I don't like about a song so I will just touch on a few high points from this title and also rate the songs imho

X= star. 5 star is best
Name / Production. / Creativity. / Catchiness.
Third Cat. ××xx / ×××xx / xxxx
Vom. ××× / xxx / ×××
Paco xxxxx. / Xxxx. / Xxx
Mica. Xxxx / Xxx. / Xxx
Tomdg. X. / Xx. / X
Parody. Xx / Xxx. / Xxx
Step. Xxxxx. / Xxx. / Xxxx
Clavikill Xxxx. / Xxxx. / Xxxx
Lichen. Xxx. / Xx. / Xx
BSS xxxx. / Xxx. / Xxxxx

BSS was tied as my favorite track this week,
Capturing the L.A.
hair metal sound so beautifully. Vote

I loved the production of Clavikill -Vote

My favorite vocals were Step aside. You have a teriffic voice.-Vote

As far as musical complexity, My vote is for Paco. Vote

Micah, your production and performance was great. The vocal is a tad dry IMHO.. Nice piano work

Third cat- tied for my favorite this week. Also very complex and well put together.loving the melotron (gets me thinking of strawberry fields), the spacy atmosphese. Your choice of texture and atmosphere. The guitar solo is excellent.. Your song grew on me (vote)

Lichen- I enjoy the lyrics and there's an interesting choice of Melody here

Parody -very interesting synth and choice of rhythm

Vom- your voice has a UK Punk vibe to it, your song is very well put together. The backup vocals are a nice touch as well. I like the TomTom tone too.

Tomdg- Am I interpreting your political message correctly ,?
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Re: A support group for (The Dream Crusher Reviews)

Post by owl » Wed Mar 13, 2019 8:18 am

Lots of great entries this week. Or maybe I'm just in a good mood this week. :D

Step Aside--I like those guitars! This has the feel of a late 80's/early 90's power ballad to me, like November Rain or Every Rose Has Its Thorn. Fantastic harmonies/backing vocals. I would appreciate being able to read the lyrics to be able to comment on them, I'm sure I'm missing some details but they seem to work well. Lovely melodies, nice production, this all just works very well together.

clavikill--Fun beat and ominous synths. The computer vocals are entertaining, they work better than I'd expect, especially in the chorus with the male/female vocals together, and the echoing "dance" lines at the end. Style-wise, it's still not super listenable for me because of those robot vox, though, not sure I'd want to return to listen to this later. I really like the synth solo, and the dissonance that higher synth part brings in that last chorus is cool.

Berkeley Social Scene--I like the heavy guitar part \m/ and the harmonies in the chorus are awesome. It didn't feel as menacing as I felt like it should, maybe a bit too mid-tempo to support the genre you're in (neither slow and doomy nor frenetic) and the guitars maybe didn't sound quite dark/big enough (how's that for a vague critique?) Other than that, the song worked well for me, I think the chorus vocals are really what carries it.

Tomdg--I like the verse melody and chords! This seems a bit unfinished, though, the pile of words at the end makes sense but felt like an afterthough, musically, and the production was rough, I don't mind lo-fi songs at all, but the vocal mostly just didn't fit very well with the guitar. I liked the lines about Berlin and tying in the tearing down of that wall as a contrast to the building of the one today, but a lot of the lyrics felt a bit too on the nose for my taste. (Still, that fits in well with the protest folk song tradition, lyrically.)

Third Cat--this production is just gorgeous, the mellotron with the guitar and staticky-sounding beat and your laid-back vocals are such a lovely and soothing combo. The lead guitar tone seems a bit harsh compared to the rest of the sonic palette, but that's nitpicking! I liked this one a lot, very pretty song.

Paradox Falls--The kind of creepy loop in the background is cool, although I would have liked more of a change-up in sections. I like the vocal attitude and delivery, but the vocal is very loud and inconsistent, and it was really distracting feeling like sometimes you weren't looking at the microphone and other times it was practically in your mouth, so it made it hard for me to focus on the merits of the rest of the song.

Vom Vorton--lovely synth + guitar combo in the intro--so poppy and nice! The vocal feels a bit loose timing-wise in places, which actually mostly works well for me, and sometimes a bit loose pitch-wise, which works less well for me (particularly the backing vox in the bridge, which in general I think didn't feel as focused/polished as the rest of the song). The chorus is really great! Very infectious and catchy.

Cody Walker Jr.--same notes as others have made here, I like this track a lot but it doesn't quite feel complete without either a vocal or more lead instrumental motion. Those synths are great, though, I felt transported back to the 80's. Kind of reminds me of "Forever Young" by Alphaville.

Paco del Stinko--I enjoyed the abrupt lurch into the song with no preamble! This is a feel-good song--the bass-guitar interplay is really enjoyable, and handclaps are always a plus in my book. My favorite part is that harmonized guitar part before the last chorus. I did feel like the song seemed a bit busy, like my brain didn't know what to focus on as I was listening, but I don't know if that's a criticism really or just an observation.

Lichen Throat--Loved it, this is great. I really like the presence of real guitar, with the MIDI stuff minimized. The performances could be tighter in places, which I feel like is maybe redundant to say given the lyrics, but I don't mind so much given the more lo-fi style here. Actually I wonder what it might sound like with the drum track taken out?... if you're not playing opposite a robot, any timing quirks might be less evident. Style and sound-wise, it kind of reminds me of recent Sun Kil Moon (but a bit more focused/less rambling!). I liked the sound of the doubled vocals part a lot. Favorite part though was the lyrics, I thought they were wonderful. I circle around the same message and idea constantly myself and I think you've expressed it very thoughtfully and beautifully, that last verse in particular.

Micah Sommersmith--Nice performances here, the piano in particular! The chorus is great, really catchy and I like the chord progression. It reminds me a bit of Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam melodically though not arrangement-wise. The lyrics are beautifully crafted, the structure/rhyme scheme in the "boy"/"girl" verses is excellent--I will have to concur that it overstayed its welcome, BUT at the same time I enjoyed the "so much poison" lyrics a lot and wouldn't want to see them go. But I think a structural edit would help the song keep its impact and keep the listener's attention better.
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Re: A support group for (The Dream Crusher Reviews)

Post by lichenthroat » Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:54 pm

Berkeley Social Scene—I like the guitar. I think maybe that something (guitar, vocal, or drums) should be faster. Having them all on the slow side (for metal) makes it feel like the song never really gets going. The mix is great, and that guitar solo is awesome.

clavikill—This is funny, which is great. However, I feel like the first part is the best, and then the rest of the song never quite lives up to the standard that it sets initially. Good rhythm.

Cody Walker Jr.—I like what’s here, but as others have noted, it sounds incomplete without either a vocal or a more lively instrumental melody. The mix is nice, especially the low end.

Lichen Throat (me)—Lots of technical problems with the performance, obviously. This is the first time I’ve tried beginning recording before composing the whole song; it was interesting, but I don’t know how often I’ll try it in the future. I modeled this on Sun Kil Moon, so owl’s association with that is apt. I appreciate all the kind words about the lyrics. They’re quite a bit more overt than I ordinarily prefer, but maybe that’s okay sometimes.

Micah Sommersmith—Let me begin by saying that I really appreciate the detailed analysis that you put into your reviews. And also, contrary to your previous statement, I definitely do not perceive your vocal delivery as dry or uninteresting—quite the reverse, in fact. This song seems a little on the long side. Your piano playing is excellent, however, particularly in the instrumental breaks. I’m reminded of 70s-era Warren Zevon, which can’t be a bad thing. Vote.

Paco del Stinko—Cool beginning! The cymbals sound so good; I feel like I’m right there in the room. The song itself doesn’t motivate strong feelings in me either way, but the performances are all very good.

Paradox Falls—I like the paranoid feeling set up by the synths and keyboard. As others have noted, the variation in volume in the vocal is distracting, but I quite like your vocal delivery. The song seems a bit on the long side, especially since the lyrics are repeated a few times. The “you’re not” line makes me smile every time.

Step Aside—This is my clear favorite this week. Production is gorgeous, as are the melodies, which vary interestingly throughout the song. My only nitpick is that the last bit of the opening guitar sequence doesn’t seem to quite go with what precedes it. Excellent work, and I expect to see you hoisting the trophy. Vote.

Third Cat—Nice guitar tone. I feel almost as if this is too sophisticated for my musical palate, since I feel like I should like it more than I do. Definitely good performances and songwriting.

Tomdg—I get a Captain Beefheart vibe from this, particularly at around 0:40. The plosives in the vocal are a bit too intense in the ear. I agree generally with your lyrical sentiments, but when the ideas are this overt, I’d like to see more wordplay.

Vom Vorton—I love the beginning. The song sounds as if the chorus should be a little louder, faster, or otherwise more distinct from the verses, but this is a very good song overall. Vote.
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Re: A support group for (The Dream Crusher Reviews)

Post by Chumpy » Mon Mar 18, 2019 9:56 am

Lunkhead joins the Jerks as we crush the dreams of our listeners.

Here is how you can get down: TALK TALK TALK to us: feedback@twojerksonevote.com.

Time Points:
  • 00:00:00 - Intro song
  • 00:01:00 - Beginning-of-podcast chatter
  • 00:02:07 - Lunkhead interview
  • 00:14:56 - Berkeley Social Scene
  • 00:19:21 - clavikill
  • 00:24:12 - Cody Walker Jr.
  • 00:26:34 - Lichen Throat
  • 00:32:12 - Micah Sommersmith
  • 00:37:32 - Paco del Stinko
  • 00:40:58 - Paradox Falls
  • 00:48:21 - Step Aside
  • 00:56:00 - Third Cat
  • 01:02:43 - Tomdg
  • 01:06:28 - Vom Vorton
  • 01:14:30 - End-of-podcast chatter
Keep on dreaming!
There are some sparks of something good here, especially in the lyrics. I’d like to hear more for Jerkatorium. More experimenting and finding a good niche would suit this well. --Niveous
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