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New Planet

Postby ken » Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:07 am

new planet by milwaukee youth center choir

D: okay it's going
G: it's the new world! it's the new world! what's the new world? it's the new world. in the new world, no-one will have to buy junk bonds. no-one will have to save money, or eat cucumbers. we'll get all of our nutrition from the plastic wrappers of the things that we buy.
D: this new world sounds great tell me more
G: in the new world there won't be any money, just a whole lot of garbage cans where you'll deposit your soul in exchange for goods and services provided by a monolithic government.
D: you know I'm pretty sure I want to live in this new world but I'm still wavering sort of flipping back and forth in my mind old world new world maybe you could tell me about some of the important differences
G: in the new world everyone will write songs for a living. it will be extremely annoying. we will get paid to walk around naked, and occasionally we'll spit in a spittoon. I was about to say cuspidor.
D: boy
G: it's a problem, when everybody is spitting in the same spittoon (I mean cuspidor). are you following my drift?
D: barely but let's pretend that I am
D: wow that was unexpected
G: indeed.
D: maybe it's all part of what the new world has to offer us unexpected surprises and mysteries
G: the new world is made up of unexpected mysteries and surprises, and many funny drum sounds.
D: and I understand that in the coming future we're going to eschew the use of unconventional instruments and return to a more traditional mode of synthesizers layered on each other
G: eschew? eschew?! fuck you, man!
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