Darling, You're Strange

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Darling, You're Strange

Post by MicahSommer » Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:06 pm

Micah Sommersmith

Darling, you're strange,
The way you change and change.
"you did a skillful job pulling off the sexy" - RangerDenni
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Re: Darling, You're Strange

Post by vowlvom » Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:10 am

(Vom Vorton)

darling you're strange
but don’t be a stranger
ignore all the lies of the guys you despise
they just want to change you

darling you’re strange
but that isn’t a bad thing
you shouldn’t take the remarks that they make
turn it into a sad thing

and all these feelings are true
I will always care for you
though you’re different from the rest
I still like you the best

darling you’re odd
but I know all about you
and all of your quirks
work for me - I could
never doubt you

darling you’re weird
or perhaps just eccentric
every time I just find
in your mind
something electric
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Geoff WreckdoM
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Darling, You're Strange

Post by Geoff WreckdoM » Sun Oct 22, 2017 7:23 pm

Darling, You're Strange
by WreckdoM

I like the way one of your eyes is bigger than the other
and a totally different color
I like that you listen to static on your car stereo
on elaborate road trips to crematoriums
I like that you dye your hair the same color it already is
I like that you save your piss
I like your apartment that's full of pinatas
filled with banana pudding and empanadas
Darling, you're strange
I can't keep up
I am just a condiment
and you're a gallon jug
I like the way you volunteer your time
at the airport scanning peoples minds
I like the way you call 911 to report that
your beverage has stained your gums
I like the way you sewed your own dress
out of dental floss and abandoned birds nests
I like the way you vote in every election that
you "hope the mayor is happy and still gets erections"
Darling, you're strange
I'm not up to snuff
I have a bus pass
and you're a fucking mac truck
"perhaps the most offensive and disturbing image I've ever heard in a song" - Hans Gruber
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