Silent Advance

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Silent Advance

Post by lichenthroat » Mon Feb 25, 2019 6:53 am

Silent Advance
by Lichen Throat

Girls in white dresses march in a line,
Candles in hand and books at their sides.
Swearing an oath of deeds left undone,
Hearing that they’re not the fortunate ones.
Keep yourself pure, or you’ll be damaged goods;
Your value depends upon your maidenhood.
Keep their hands off, if you do dare to dance.
The loud are cast out, and the silent advance.
Yield not one inch to forces which
Try to make you their echo.

They march in the streets, demanding reform,
Irregulars wearing the same uniform.
Those letters, an eyechart you must memorize,
And each demographic you must subdivide.
Your slightest misstatement becomes a bombshell;
Your idle past words condemn you to Hell.
Fail to repudiate your circumstance,
You’ll be cast down, and the silent advance.
Yield not one inch to forces which
Try to make you their echo.

Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed.
Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed.
Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed.
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Re: Silent Advance

Post by MicahSommer » Tue Feb 26, 2019 8:54 am

Silent Advance
Micah Sommersith


You hear me coming from a distance, baby
I’m firing on all pistons; maybe
I don’t have much to say but I’ll say it loud
For my lung capacity, I’m not sorry, oh
A fun guy, that’s-a me, just like Mario
There’s no doubt, with shouts I’m well-endowed

And when I blow my horn, you better get up and dance
Evening, noon and morn, don’t be looking askance
Subtlety’s no fun, that’s just not my stance
No I was never one to make a silent advance

When I’m on a roll, I’m unstoppable
When I play my role, I’m untoppable
When you hear my approach, you better make a clear way
I make your toe tap tap, by golly, like a telegram
Your fingers snap, I’m a jolly good fellow and
I make this song explode, just like Hrishikesh Hirway

So if you see me with my smile and my purple pants
Come on, stay a while, why don’t you take a chance
Put your pedal to the metal, cancel all your plans
Because you don’t want to settle for a silent advance

Yes I’m aware that I’m a bit too much
Yes it’s fair to say that I don’t have the lightest touch
Yes I’ve heard the stories that you’ve told
But they don’t get old, they all stay gold, because I’ve got the Midas touch

You’ll see and hear me surging through all the lands
Like the human version of Comic Sans
Go ahead, ignore me if you think you can
But I’ll be dead before I make a silent advance
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Re: Silent Advance

Post by Chumpy » Tue Feb 26, 2019 9:22 am

Silent Advance
by Jerkatorium

Verse 1
Back in the day
I’d just give a few goats to your dad
In modern day
there’s these games that we play
and there’s things you don’t do
and there’s things you don’t say

hair flips
pursed lips
eyebrows raising
longing gazing
nervous giggles
little wiggles
nothing overt
but nothing works

Actions speak louder than words
so why why haven’t you heard
all my sly sideways glances
and silent advances
Silence is golden, it’s true
I’m silently waiting on you
to notice my stupid mating dance
my silent advance

Verse 2
If I was an ape
I’d just show you my big swollen ass
Then you’d go ape
and we’d mate in your lair
and I’d spend every day
eating bugs from your hair

<Repeat Pre-chorus and Chorus>

My body language says
to come get some of this
you won’t regret it
Romantic messages
In all these jerks and tics
so come and get it
yeah come and get it

Verse 3
If I was a bee
I’d just drone every day for the queen
and it would be
such a glorious day
when sex with the queen
tears my phallus away

<Repeat Pre-chorus and Chorus>
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Re: Silent Advance

Post by Pigfarmer Jr » Wed Feb 27, 2019 10:03 pm

Silent Advance
Pigfarmer Jr

My eyes are determined to fail me
I wish that I was able to see
Guess I need some glasses to get around

The silent advance
The silent advance

My ears won't work right anymore
Loud music makes my ears feel sore
It's hard to hear most any sound

The silent advance
The silent advance

Why do I always feel so cold?
Why does a chill cut to my soul?
Why does my bladder lose control?
Why do I suddenly feel this old?

I've got a pain inside my tooth
The dentist says he has bad news
Gonna lose a tooth and I need a crown

The silent advance
The silent advance
The silent advance
The silent advance
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Re: Silent Advance

Post by vowlvom » Thu Feb 28, 2019 4:53 am

Silent Advance by Vom Vorton

there’s a shape in the sky
it draws away when we come near
and I never knew why
it caused me so much fear
until this morning
when the contents were revealed
and as soon as they opened their eyes
we knew our fates were sealed

we form a line
we stand our ground
but still they advance
without making a sound

it’s times like this
you wish you’d made your peace
with all your friends and enemies
before the creatures were released
but there’s nothing left to do
join hands, say your goodbyes
they advance in silence
the only sounds: our cries

and so we fall in masses
as without sound they swoop
we wipe tears from our faces
and make a smaller group

we form a line
we stand our ground
but still they advance
without making a sound
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