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Jeff Rosenstock

Postby Jerkatorium » Sat Mar 26, 2016 10:58 pm

Jeff Rosenstock

I haven't felt this way about anything new I've heard since almost forever. I've been listening to his music nonstop since I first heard it a few weeks ago, and I am angry that nobody turned me on to this music earlier. Jeff Rosenstock's stuff is what I think music is supposed to sound like, and what I wish my music sounded like. It's maybe 70% punk, 20% grunge/alternative and 10% TMBG, but it all adds up to something uniquely Rosenstock. His newest album "We Cool?" is amazing. Best tracks probably "You, In Weird Cities" and "Nausea", but it's all great.

Not convinced? He also runs Quote Unquote Records, an entirely donation-based record label. You can download all his music for free (but you should really donate if you download).
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