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Cover Art for Fights

Post by Spud » Sat Sep 25, 2004 3:45 pm

As you may have noticed, there is currently art for each and every SongFight! This means that we currently have a need for four artists each this week. At this time, our artist-in-residence <a href="">bortwein</a> is taking care of the yellow fight for us. This leaves the cyan, magenta, and black fights open for submissions.

Potential Cover Art must be submitted in all sizes required for implementation. Front page art (150x150 pixels) is typically a reduced version of the Full Sized Art (400x400 pixels), but not always. It can be a cropped version, a simplified version, or even a different, related image. The Archive Art (100x100 pixels) should be a reduced version of the Front Page art.

All images must be .jpg format, in the specified pixel dimensions

Submit your proposed cover art <a href="">here</a>, after first obtaining a user name and password. Send your request to Be sure to tell us who you are, and if we haven't heard of you before, you might want to link us to some some samples of your work.
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